Elevate Your Music Career

Join our recording studio in Albany, NY

Maybe you already have a song written and need help putting it together. Maybe you're looking for help mastering your project with a catchy jingle. You can take advantage of professional audio production services from The Lucci Brand to take your music project to the next level.

We're always searching for artists to join our recording studio in Albany, NY. From mixing to coaching, we'll help you through each stage of the audio production process to make your vision a reality. Contact us with details about your musical career and take advantage of our professional experience to create your single.

Why you should work with us

With connections to studios in Miami, New York City, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Atlanta, The Lucci Brand knows how to evolve an idea into a fully-realized production. You can rely on us to...

  • Help create the record and production
  • Record and mix the music
  • Register the finalized piece
  • Conduct a photoshoot and video shoot to market the song

Call our recording studio at 518-818-7695 for more information.