Talent audition is very special. After 2020 we all just want to return to normal, yet things have changed and even the way we look for talent has changed. We invite you send us a video of you displaying your talent to theluccibrand@gmail.com

The audition is for singers, artists, actors, dancers, models, and small business owners who need multimedia to grow their businesses. We ask that you keep the video under 25mb if possible, for emails. Or send an Instagram video message to our DM @theluccibrand. Or even better send the video via WhatsApp to 518-818-7695. One last tip you can also send us a YouTube video of yourself performing your talent by uploading to YouTube and sending us the link provided.

It does not have to be perfect yet please send us your best performance and really put your best foot forward to be taken seriously. If you do not hear from us, you did not make it. If you hear from us, then that is just the beginning.

Please fill out the form below!