Add the Finishing Touches to Your Art

Book video and photo editing services in Albany, NY

You might already have an amazing photo album or video put together. But proper photo and video editing can take your project from a rough idea to an artistic masterpiece. The Lucci Brand provides video and photo editing services in Albany, NY, so we can finish your work of art for you.

Working on a music video for your new album? Putting together your portfolio after a photo shoot? We'll take care of the digital side of your production. Call our media production company at 518-818-7695 for more information.

How editing can help

Video and photo editing is the final step that takes your art from amazing to perfect. When you hire The Lucci Brand, we can...

  • Adjust the lighting and colors to make your photos more vibrant
  • Blend the scenes of your video together for maximum emotional impact
  • Remove minor imperfections to make sure your piece looks professional

Enhance your work with professional photo and video editing when you contact us today.