Capture Your Best Angle at a Professional Photoshoot

Hire our professional photographer in Albany, NY

Videos aren't the only way to show off your brand. From social media posts to advertisements, still photos are an essential part of your marketing kit. Instead of settling for a selfie taken with your phone, call on a professional photographer from The Lucci Brand.

We provide dedicated photography services to businesses and artists in the Albany, NY area. Trust us to guide you through the entire process. All you have to do is share your vision and show up ready to pose. We'll make sure you end up with beautiful photos you love. Speak with our professional photographer when you call 518-818-7695.

See the difference experience makes

Whether you're an industry veteran or brand-new to marketing, The Lucci Brand will help you from start to finish. Our photography service includes...

  • Explaining the modeling process to help you show off your message properly
  • Helping with branding and product placement
  • Taking care of behind the scenes work like lighting

We'll help you prepare for your photoshoot so you can take the amazing photos you need. Book a photoshoot by contacting us today.